Fake SEO plugin infects WordPress sites

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Fake seo plugin infects Wordpress sites

Do you use WordPress? Do you carry out research on the themes, and plugins you use before installing and activating them on your site? Do you have a plugin called WP-Base-SEO installed on your site? WP-Base-SEO is a fake SEO plugin that provides a backdoor to people’s sites and introduces malware. It allows a cyber attacker to infect compromised sites … Read More

How to choose the right medium to promote your service, product, event, or business.

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How to choose the right medium to promote your business

Today is Valentine and many are utilising the season to promote their services, products and events. How are you going about your marketing campaign? Investing in the wrong medium can make you lose money and time while choosing the right one can get you the right conversions. Here are 6 key marketing questions to ask before you embark on your … Read More

Managing Mismanagement; Honest Mistakes Vs Fraud And Corruption

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Oftentimes in business and administration, people vested with trust and authority make decisions capable of destroying the reputation, goodwill and years of hardwork of the institution they represent. Behind these decisions, there is a grey area where fraud/corruption and “honest mistakes” meet called mismanagement. Within this grey area, the symptoms and consequences of fraud/corruption and honest mistakes are so similar … Read More