Fake SEO plugin infects WordPress sites

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Fake seo plugin infects Wordpress sites

Do you use WordPress?

Do you carry out research on the themes, and plugins you use before installing and activating them on your site?

Do you have a plugin called WP-Base-SEO installed on your site?

WP-Base-SEO is a fake SEO plugin that provides a backdoor to people’s sites and introduces malware. It allows a cyber attacker to infect compromised sites running outdated versions of RevSlider (Revolution Slider) plugin. According to report from SC Media, about 4000 WordPress sites have been infected by using the WP-Base-SEO plugin.

To protect your WordPress installation it is critically important that you update your plugins, themes and core when an update becomes available.Wordfence

If you are currently using the affected plugin ( WP-SEO-Base), kindly delete the folder and use Wordfence to scan your site for malware. If it seems too technical or you are unsure of what to do, you can contact SiteLock  or Switem Technology Solutions for WordPress cleaning services.

7 WordPress Security Tips

  1. If you are looking for a good SEO plugin to use, I would recommend you use Yoast SEO (WordPress SEO) plugin.
  2. Ensure you use up-to-date themes, plugins, and WordPress version to avoid being infected.
  3. Ensure you use strong passwords for your login credentials
  4. Install a firewall plugin for your website
  5. Use a Child Theme to make it easy to update your theme when updates become available
  6. If you do not need certain themes and plugins and they have been installed on your site, ensure you uninstall them to avoid creating loopholes for hackers
  7. Alternatively, obtain Managed WordPress Hosting, Managed Blog Hosting or website maintenance services from competent WordPress hosting companies like WPEngine, Automattic, Switem or Bluehost


About 4000 WordPress websites have been infected recently as a result of installing a fake SEO plugin. If you use unmanaged self-hosted WordPress hosting, it is very important you are knowledgeable on how to manage the technical aspects of your WordPress site. However, if you do not have the skills, time or resources to manage the technical aspects of your site, it is best you outsource the technical management to WordPress experts or go for Managed WordPress Hosting.

Would you like to outsource the technical management of your self-hosted WordPress installation? Are you interested in obtaining Managed WordPress Hosting for your website or blog? If yes, get in touch to get a quote.

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