How to attract clients and increase sales through Content marketing

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Have you ever been in a situation whereby you followed up on a customer, friend, family etc for weeks and months simply to encourage them to buy your product? I have been there before. Sometimes it gets to a point whereby they feel uncomfortable meeting you or picking your calls because you would remind them about the product/service you want to sell. Lol.

What if I told you that there is a better way of getting customers to buy from you? A case wherein the customers are the ones doing the chasing while you are the one trying to solve the challenge of attending to all the customers coming your way? Yes, I have also been in this situation too.

So how do you go from chasing customers to having customers chase you?


Iyore Ogbuigwe, a high-performance sales coach, once posted something which I agree with. Here is it:

Selling is the art and science of making people want your product without letting them know you want them to want your product.Iyore Ogbuigwe

When people see you as the expert on a subject matter, they would be the ones coming to you for your product/services because they know you can deliver on their requirements.


So what is content marketing?

Content marketing is the art of creating valuable contents about your products for your target audience so that they can make informed decisions when they are ready to buy. With content marketing, you show people how your products and services can benefit them without doing outright advertising.Catherine Egwali

Have you been providing valuable and educating contents about your products or services? What is stopping you from starting? You don’t have to write a long blog post to get started.

  1. Ensure you identify who your target audience are,
  2. Identify where they can be found online and offline,
  3. Get involved in the community where they are located and
  4. Sow the seed of value a day at a time

To drive home my point, take a look at  John Obidi of SmartBCamp, Emeka Nobis, and Caroline Wabara. They both offer great value via their contents. Naturally, you would want to buy from them when you are ready to start a project related to what they do. Hence, determine that from today, you would consistently grow your business by giving out valuable content at all times.

Did you find this information valuable? Have you used content marketing before and did it help your business or career positively? I would love to get your feedback Kindly share your views in the comment box below.



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