How to choose the right medium to promote your service, product, event, or business.

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How to choose the right medium to promote your business

Today is Valentine and many are utilising the season to promote their services, products and events.

How are you going about your marketing campaign?

Investing in the wrong medium can make you lose money and time while choosing the right one can get you the right conversions.

Here are 6 key marketing questions to ask before you embark on your next campaign.

1. Who is your ideal customer? What is your target market?

2. What is your budget for your promotion?

3. What media/channel is the best to reach your target customer online (e.g. social media posts and ads, Google network ads) and offline (e.g. radio, networking events)? What is your target market’s preference – reading (e.g. blogs, print media), listening (e.g. radio), or watching (e.g. Television, YouTube).

4. Which of the channels answered in 3 will get your message to the highest number of your target market per money spent?

5. Which of the channels in 3 will help convey the right message, achieve your marketing objectives, and expected outcome when the same budget is used?

6. Which channel listed in 3 would allow you measure/track the return on investment (ROI) on the budget spent?

Once you can satisfactorily answer the 6 questions above, you are on your way to making a good judgement call on how best to spend your marketing budget.

Do you have other methods for determining what promotion channel to use? Or have you found any of the strategies above useful? Kindly share your thoughts by commenting below.

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  1. really Catherine
    awesome points you have shared here this questions are really essential for
    any kind of business promotion and i have already noted it
    thanks dear

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