Why you should be at Lagos WordCamp 2018

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Lagos Wordcamp
I want to let you in on something important; something you might not have heard of but which could make a difference in your life.
Are you an entrepreneur who wants to grow your business using a WordPress website?
Are you a business owner who wants to make more sales using a Woocommerce enabled store?
Are you a blogger who loves to share your experiences using the WordPress platform?
Are you a developer or designer who makes a living from building WordPress sites?
Is your organisation seeking how to gain greater visibility online so you can attract clients from around the world?
Whatever category you fall into, if you use or you provide WordPress related services either directly or indirectly, you need to be at Lagos Wordcamp, in Nigeria.

What is a Wordcamp?

You might be wondering….
Wordcamp? What is that please? Are we going to be spending the night camping and gisting about WordPress?
Not really.
Wordcamps are community organised WordPress conferences which takes place in different parts of the world. They are usually organised by community members and open to the public at a small fee. They are Not-For-Profit events organised solely to help people get to know more about WordPress and topics related to it.

Who is it for?

Wordcamps are usually all about WordPress and are open to business owners, marketers, designers, developers or anybody interested in WordPress in general.
Introduction to WordPress

What should I expect at a Wordcamp event?

1. You can learn more on how to grow your business, achieve results and improve your life by using WordPress. Topics related to WordPress either directly or indirectly are usually discussed and the sessions are typically very enlightening.
Just so you know, the WordPress community in Nigeria is holding her very first City Wordcamp – Lagos Wordcamp. Yippie!

Some of the topics that will be taught at Lagos Wordcamp include:

1. WordPress and Internet of Things by Godwin Ojebiyi
2. Challenges and Opportunities in delivering Payment Solutions for Nigerians by Khadijah Abu, and Michael Simeon
3. The WordPress Ecosystem and the Available Opportunities by Adesanya Adetayo
4. Inbound Marketing – The New Best Practice for Website Design by Mark Onoja
5. WooCommerce for Fun & Profit – How to get started and maximize your bottom line by Luminus Alabi ( a staff of Woocommerce)
6. How to secure WordPress website from hackers by yours truely (Catherine Egwali)
7. SEO CASE STUDY: How We Ranked A WordPress Website On Google In 3 Months by Caroline Wabara
8. How to run a WordPress site on AWS by Truston Ailende
9. How Podcasts and WordPress Helps Close More Sales by Dayo Samuel
10. The Art and Science of Building Funnels with WordPress by Sodiq Akinjobi
11. How to have Win-Win Negotiation with clients by Iruka Ndubuizu
12. Workplace Ergonomics; Practical tips to avoid the health risk of working long hours at the computer by Opeyemi Bakre
13. Avoiding Legal Potholes as a Freelancer in Nigeria by Ronke Omorodion
and much more…
2. At a Wordcamp, you can meet with experts at the Happiness bar and have almost all your knotty WordPress issues solved. This could be huge for you as you might have had to pay a fortune to get such support if you had contacted a WordPress consultant directly.
Wordpress hosting versions

How can you be a part of  Lagos Wordcamp?

1. By attending the event:

The fee costs less than a plate of meal in some restaurants. The value you will gain will surely last longer than the meal you could have eaten with the same amount.
The people you will meet, the knowledge you will gain, the problems you could get solved are just a few of the reasons why attending the event will be a great investment for you and your business.

2. By sponsoring the event:

I believe in WordPress, its usefulness in solving problems and getting results and that is why my company is one of the sponsors of the Lagos Wordcamp.
You might be wondering…
Err… would it not cost a lot to sponsor such an event?
It depends. There are different categories of sponsorship. If you will love to sponsor the event but feel that you do not have as much money as the default sponsorship categories require, you can pay any amount to show your appreciation and assist in your own little way.
The foundation has provided a means to pay any amount and get listed as an open donor sponsor.
The good thing is you get to have a backlink for your website which could be beneficial for giving you good PR, online visibility, growing your business and getting new clients.

How can you attend?

1. Search for Lagos Wordcamp on Google.
2. Purchase your ticket asap.
3. Attend the event on Saturday, March 10th 2018.
Hope you found this information useful. Do you have questions as relating to this post? Do you desire to have a discount off the ticket cost? Would you like to know how to sponsor the Lagos Wordcamp event? If you do, please post a comment or send me a direct message.
Thank you.

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