Managing Mismanagement; Honest Mistakes Vs Fraud And Corruption

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Oftentimes in business and administration, people vested with trust and authority make decisions capable of destroying the reputation, goodwill and years of hardwork of the institution they represent. Behind these decisions, there is a grey area where fraud/corruption and “honest mistakes” meet called mismanagement. Within this grey area, the symptoms and consequences of fraud/corruption and honest mistakes are so similar … Read More

Paypal now officially available to Nigerians

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Paypal in Nigeria

Paypal commences services in Nigeria Tuesday, 17th June 2014 heralded the entrance of PayPal’s renowned financial services in Nigeria and nine other countries. This development has so far been received with mixed feelings by Nigerians. Some see it as a long awaited solution to the business needs of Nigeria to maximize the advantages of the online global marketplace. Others see it … Read More