What Is A WordPress Theme?

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What is a Wordpress Theme

Day 6: What is a WordPress theme? What is a child theme in WordPress?

Hi. Welcome to Beginners’ guide to WordPress Blogging: 12-day challenge. Today we will be reviewing “What is a WordPress theme? What is a child theme in WordPress?”.

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Catherine Mayokun Egwali

Questions About WordPress Themes

Questions about WordPress Dashboard Login

If you have ever asked any of the following questions, after going through today’s lesson, you should be able to easily answer any of them.

1. What is a WordPress theme?
2. How do I install a WordPress theme?
3. How do I install a custom WordPress theme?
4. What is a child WordPress theme?
5. What is child theme in WordPress?

What is a WordPress theme?

What is WordPress Dashboard Login

A WordPress Theme is a collection of files that work together to produce a graphical interface with an underlying unifying design for a weblog. These files are called template files. A Theme modifies the way the site is displayed, without modifying the underlying software. Themes may include customized template files, image files (*.jpg, *.gif), style sheets (*.css), custom Pages, as well as any necessary code files (*.php).WordPress.org

In layman terms, a WordPress theme can be used to change the visual appearance and presentation of your website :).

There are different types of WordPress themes and they can be obtained for free or at a fee.

Free WordPress themes can be gotten from sites such as the WordPress Theme Directory while paid-for themes may be obtained from their corresponding authors’ sites and/or from marketplaces such as Themeforest.

How do I install a WordPress theme?

The video tutorial below shows how to install a WordPress theme.

Some of the areas covered include:

1. How to search for themes
2. How to find the theme uploader
3. How to upload a theme from your website

Video Tutorial: How To Change A Theme

What is a child theme in WordPress?

A child theme is a theme you create to inherit the functionalities, look and features of another theme you like – which is usually called a parent theme.

With a child theme, you are able to make changes to your design without editing any of the parent theme’s files.

Benefits include:

1. Ease of customisation: The ability to easily customise your site to your heart’s content and achieve your desired unique look for your website without fearing that you would lose the changes when you update your theme.

2. Reduced development time: By using a child theme, you can piggyback off another theme’s code and save several hours of writing the same thing. However, please ensure that when choosing a parent theme, you choose a good quality theme that is properly coded.

3. Ease of updates: It is usually less stressful to update the parent theme when you use child themes.

4. Security: This is linked to making updates for your parent theme. If a security vulnerability or exploit is discovered in your chosen theme and you do not quickly apply the patches or updates provided, you can easily get hacked.

5. Feature Enhancement: With a child theme, you can add your own code to provide extra functionality to your site without tampering with the parent theme. You would also be able to easily update the parent theme without fear and take advantage of new features added in updated versions of your theme.

6. Rollback changes: When you use a child theme, you are able to easily rollback changes and revert to the original theme if something goes wrong with your customisation. However, if you directly modify the original theme and issues occur in the process, you would find it difficult to rollback if you do not have a backup of the original files.
To learn more about child themes and how to create one, go through the article – How To Create a WordPress Child Theme, and Why You Should Be Using One

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